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Aliases: Often called "The Jew", Mr. T
Interests: Mario, Sonic, Zelda, outside
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Thunder is an MFGGer who joined the Invision MFGG Forums on November 12th, 2003 when he was bored and had nothing else to do. MFGG is one of his favorite message board sites (due to the Pointless Post Palace, like most). Later in 2004 he lost the bookmark to the site and couldn't find it until later. The site shut down for a while, then got up again. Thunder rejoiced and came back. It's 2006 now and Thunder is still at the forums. Lets hope that the forums stay up for a long while. Thunder isn't one of the most popular members but he isn't hated by anyone.

He's currently working on a Zelda fan-game called Past of Termina. It's not even in beta form yet, but it's running well. It stars a new Link who is not from Hyrule, but from Termina. He struggles trying to save the land of Termina from a magician and craftsmen named Majora who has created an evil mask that would bring out the satanic sadistic being inside even the nicest person.

Thunder is well-known to overhype any upcoming Sonic game, and ending up hating it when it comes out. This was referenced in many jokes, and Thunder himself joked about it few times. Sometimes, people poke fun at Thunder mercilessly, because he is Jewish. Namely Mel Gibson.

Thunder's character is a white Tenrec who favors martial arts. He looks very much like Lightning, who is also white but a hedgehog.