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Derrike G.

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Derrike G.'s character, drawn by himself.
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Aliases: Derrike, EntranceJew
Interests: Spriting, Flash projects.
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Derrike G. is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on April 20th, 2006. He was mostly known for his high quality flash animations and his character, which was simply a stick figure wearing a green dress. During his stay at MFGG, he has made over 12,000 Posts, but has only earned a Happy Heart Badge. Derrike has also made several submissions to the Main Site.


  • Yoshi: Touch and Go general rips
  • SMA: SMB2 Game selection screen sprites
  • Super Mario Land 2 Tileset
  • Custom Amp Sprites
  • Wario Ware Mario
  • Custom Bob-Omb

A New Land

Derrike G. would have never stumbled across MFGG if it wasn't for a Paper Mario sprite movie. Google was of no help of a search tool due to shine sprites being in the game. With almost all hope gone Derrike G. almost gave up, until one link came across his mouse MFGG. With joy and glee, Derrike clicked the link and knew he would find what he was looking for. Three’s later Derrike's friends were telling him to give up, but that persistence is what brought him to the forums. His first topic was in the General Chat about not being able to find ANY Paper Mario sprites. Luckily, Mario Gamer came to the rescue with a link to Retriever II's rip. With that Derrike was off to a life of foruming, and the topic still exists to this day.


Derrike G. was a noob; a very nooby one at that. He didn't know better as almost everyone else did at first. He abused SoVeryHappy and "O Rly?" and even made "MFGG Rly?" With little to no guidance he hopped into the Pointless Post Palace (P3) as if he was here the entire time.

Dance for your life

Derrike had a few run-ins with Delmore and Sarahsuke; these almost caused Derrike to leave MFGG. He took a vacation for two weeks and when he came back. It was like he was a brand new member. With SVH comics, untitled comics, and his famous (mochimochi) Derrike dance .GIF he became a hit. Multiple members made dancing .gifs including Raccoon Sam, Marty, Littlink, Tragic, and Robbydude. Escaping death Derrike cooled down and continued his life of MFGGing.

Derrike G.'s character

Derrike G. is a stick person with a green rectangle that likes humping boxes. When drawn the rectangle is often stretched at the base to make it look like a dress. This drawing style is wrong, it is supposed to bend and flex but it must do it as one. No one really cares much about doing it right or wrong so Derrike G. doesn't really care much either unless it's called a dress. His other character is male, has brown eyes and brown hair, and wears blue jeans and a black shirt, along with a red bandana with white spots and black shoes with a green stripe. He is a shovel man, mainly because he carries a shovel around. There's nothing else special about him; he only brought up this character so some people would stop complaining and he would have something to be used in MFGG battle. Even though the people that were complaining were happy most other people loved Derrike's simple design.

Dress a member

Derrike G. and Robbydude made the Dress a member topic in the Pointless Post Palace where someone made a picture, then people edited it to make it into something. The main subjects of these topics were Derrike G., Mechant, and Press Start. The topic died out when Robbydude left the forums.

Pineapples, not war.

On December 15th, 2006, a topic was created by Slamman. The subject was random images, which made its way to an debate about "animal life vs. human life" In Derrike's attempt to keep the topic stable, he posted tons of images of pineapples. Some thought the pineapples were for a reason, or that they were symbiotic, TwoFinger even got in on the fun. Turns out, Derrike just liked pineapples. In the outcome the beloved member "Kritter" was permabanned.


Derrike has been highly involved in beta testing most of MechaBowser's games and design. Like MFGGK, SSBF, but as far as he knew was only noted as beta tester (and cool) in MFGG Royale.

Member activeness

Derrike has helped on some ISOs like the PPP ISO and two of the official ISOs. He honestly hasn't a single thing going for him at the moment, previous projects such as LoZ:LA DX sprite rip and Custom Amp may be finished some time, but bets aren't set for anytime soon due to this member's natural causes of slow working, no matter how simple the task.


On December 6th, 2007, Derrike was permabaned from the MFGG forums by Jas for purposely breaking numerous forum rules, all in one General Chat topic. According to Yoshiman (who said that he had known Derrike had been planning this but had forgotten entirely until then), "he wanted to leave MFGG, and that was the style he was planning on doing it in for a long while. Breaking every rule." He seems to be missed by quite a few members, though no one has disputed the appropriateness of the ban.

The exact list of offending acts, are as listed:

  • Flaming/Trolling Aurora
  • Admitting to duplicate accounts
  • Outside dispute "OMG SOMEBODY CALLED ME FAT IN THE IRC ;_;"
  • Linking to illegal content (some serial site)
  • Calling for a raid on other sites (
  • Advertising (Thunderbro's the end of the earth)
  • Posting NSFW Content (goatse)
  • Filter bypass
  • HTML Abuse (meta-refresh link to "") [malicious site]

And added to, the conversation log:

  • DerrikeG: Hi
  • Yoshiman: You.
  • DerrikeG: Me
  • Yoshiman: The hell was all that about?
  • DerrikeG: remember how I said that if I was going to leave mfgg, I'd break every rule there is
  • Yoshiman: Ah, I remember that.
  • DerrikeG: I don't hate anybody or anything, just thought I'd stay true to me words
  • Yoshiman: Which words are those?
  • DerrikeG: dsfargeg

Boppo was a duplicate account who joined on February 10th, 2008. His first post was in the Casual Conversation Castle that simply said "HI, I'M BOPPO!". Afterwards, he began to repeat the exact same phrase in multiple topics. Although he has been banned numerous times, he has continued to create dupes.

Many people took notice of him immediately and started posting jokes about him, such as how Sword killed him. Eventually, the CCC became literally flooded with Boppo topics and posts.

It was later confirmed that Derrike G. created Boppo.


On October 5th, 2019, Derrike G. joined the new MyBB MFGG Forums under the username EntranceJew. Many MFGGers were glad to see him return.

Fun Facts

To this day, Derrike G. has not made that Paper Mario flash movie he came here for in the first place.

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