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Aliases: Salad Girl 88, Salad Girl
Interests: Megaman Battle Network 6
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Salad is perhaps the earliest continuously posting female member of Mario Fan Games Galaxy, drawing controversy from others who did not realize she was a girl. Her family occasionally visits their home country of Taiwan, taking her with them and allowing her to perform Occult Dances with input lag.

Salad is best known for her frustration at being unable to find a competent player base for Megaman Battle Network 6, although she was formerly an artist of some local net-prestige.

Although she is Chinese, Salad can hardly read it, and speaks English more fluently than Mandarin. (It helps that her keyboard and school books and stuff are in English and not Chinese.)

Member history

Salad was probably invited to MFGG by Hanyou, as he invited her to about 50 things at around this time. Being one of the first female members of the forum, she was quickly enveloped in the relationship fiasco under the Kissing Booth Theory; particularly, Kaepora was open about his affections, though he may have been trolling. Salad was not appreciative of this in the slightest, though she was not yet irritable like she is today and was very nice about the whole thing.

It was perceived at the time that Salad and Hanyou were in a relationship. This was mostly a running gag and most of the other members would clumsily flirt with her during this time, although Hanyou could be very defensive and possessive whenever Salad ran into trouble. They have since fallen out of communication with one another.

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