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Aliases: Sarah
Real name: Sarah
Interests: Translating Japanese, Roleplaying, YouTube Poop, Snowboard Kids, Ganbare Goemon, Mother, Internet Drama
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Sarahsuke (sâr-uh-skā) is a standard member of Mario Fan Games Galaxy often confused for Sarah "Salad" Wu, to whom she bears no relation.


General Personality

Sarahsuke is not the friendliest person, and displays a tendency for snide remarks. Her opinions are expressed openly and bluntly, similar to the infamous Draco Icebane. Her humor is, like his, somewhat sassy and scalding, making her one of few exceptions to the Kissing Booth Theory. If she types in all upper or lower case, chances are she's either being sarcastic or just silly.

Sarahsuke would once fling panties as a unique way of showing approval (usually of art). This behavior was memorable enough to warrant a comic by Dr. Wario, seen here.


Sarahsuke's only contribution to the main site is a colored sprite sheet of Captain Syrup, main villain of the first two Wario Land games. She now regrets having done it, since the character's official Nintendo artwork has recently surfaced. Aside from that, she has entered two Drawing Competitions and only one Sprite Competition. Sarahsuke now only rarely showcases her artwork on MFGG, though she has received praise for it in the past. Any drawings she does for MFGG at present are doodles in Microsoft Paint.

Avatar Character

Due to rampant indecision, Sarahsuke's struggle to create an avatar for herself is a constant one. Though her personae have a wide number of forms, they share the trait of being based loosely on her appearance in reality. These are just a few of her previous forms:

  • A clothed Lamia.
  • A human girl with red-themed clothes.
  • A schoolgirl used during MFGG High and more recently in MFGG Royale.
  • A Donkey Kong-styled female gorilla.
  • A catgirl which was scrapped due to unoriginality.
  • A cowgirl whose hat she despised drawing.
  • A warrior woman.
  • An Oni.

Sarahsuke still hasn't made a decision, and has decided to simply drop the issue in favor of using her fan characters or a self-portrait.

Member History

Sarahsuke joined MFGG on July 3rd, 2004. At the time she was one of the few active ladies on the forum, but went on hiatus following a bout of forum drama with Cammiluna. She returned only a short while later without much fanfare. She also once participated in MFGG Wrestling. Currently she posts extremely infrequently.

Forum Relations

Most MFGGers hold a neutral view towards Sarah, but she has managed to make a few friends and enemies during her stay.

Of note are Robbydude, who claims to have a crush on her, and FanGuy, who was widely thought to be Sarah's boyfriend during the MFGG Couples fad. As it turned out, they were really just good friends. Some believe that she'd also be a good match for Captain Jeff Silvers.

If Sarahsuke had an arch-rival, it would be Sasuke30, or maybe Draco Icebane. She finds herself at odds with them more than any other member, and the dislike is mutual. Sarah also expresses open disdain towards many newbies for acting obnoxious, and has obvious territorial issues with other girls on the forum (recently seen in her ranting about the infamous "..." topic). Despite this, she isn't considered a notorious member and has never been warned or banned.

The Future

Due to the steady decline in the forum's condition, Sarahsuke is unsure of how long she will continue to stay at MFGG, and may possibly leave for MFGGU. She has also wanted to make a fangame despite lacking the needed knowledge. She once wanted to become enlisted as the forum's first female moderator, but changed her mind given her increased absence and self-doubt about being allowed into a position of power.


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