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MFGGU, the U, or less favorably, the Cancer of MFGG, is a web forum community and wiki whose first incarnation was founded by Mugenmidget and Delmore. Delmore was later removed, and Cutman became co-administrator.

MFGGU requires each member to be manually approved by popular vote to register.

MFGGU and its wiki were supposedly closed on Feb 18, 2008 after The Great Mistake. There is no reason that this would be, and there have been rumors of its continued activity...

Community overview

MFGGU was originally composed of members or former members of the MFGG Forums who believed the community on the official forums was socially incompatible with their preferences. Many of these members were considered trolls during their time on MFGG.

The board utilized a questionable popular opinion system run by the administration, wherein a vote would be taken as to whether to allow a member to register and enter the MFGGU. Although this prevented extremely undesirable members from registering, the innate bias of such a system also let grudges interfere with the registration process, denying possible "good posters" from joining if they had run-ins with popular individuals or possessed a character trait the community disliked.

The community of MFGGU was therefore secretive, and the great majority of the board was not visible to guests, due to MFGGU's resentment of information being leaked from within. As such, only existing members of MFGGU were able to give information to regular MFGGers, an act that would result in a ban if discovered.


The MFGGU was disliked or hated by the regular MFGG community for various reasons.

Its userbase was largely formed by members who trolled other members on the regular MFGG forums, and as such, much of their discussion about MFGG centered on mockery and insults.

Nightwing had an entire subforum set up on the MFGGU board with instructions on creating and maintaining duplicate accounts.

MFGGU's wiki primarily contained satirical or troll content in regards to normal MFGG members, giving it the image of a childish means of attacking without retaliation, comparable to Encyclopedia Dramatica.


A visual representation (before delmore left)

In Sep 23, 2008, the Playpen area was removed. Earlier, it had been a proving ground to rate posts and allow or deny member registrations. After its removal, the ratings were given out based on applicants' posts on any forum and their personality in general.

When Joey lost his moderator position, the Playpen was reinstated.

On February 19th, 2008, MFGGU and its wiki were permanently dissembled, due somehow to The Great Mistake.

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