Team Fire Flower

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Team Fire Flower members in the fourth Team Wars.


Team Fire Flower was a team that was established in the second Team War. It was created to rival The Ultimate Team and Team Wut, two teams created in the first team war, however it never managed to surpass them. It is regarded by many that Team Fire Flower "came in third place", although it did manage to surpass Team Wut on a couple of occasions.


Team Fire Flower is famous due to the number of small teams that merged with it. However, it suffered a similar fate as Team Wut, where many 'members' switched sides.

Fourth Team Wars

Team Fire Flower participated in the fourth Team Wars, it is currently unknown if Team Fire flower would be returning in the fifth Team Wars.

The Members

Team Wars
Team Fire Flower
Team Heart Attack
Team Shortstop
Team Overkill
Team Wut
The Ultimate Team