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Aliases: Two_Finger, NumberTwo (IRC)
Interests: Stuff
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Two_Finger arrived at Mario Fan Games Galaxy while searching for sprites on Google in early 2005. He joined the main site not knowing about the forums, and when he did, he thought he could log in with his main site account because he was still new to the internet. He finally realized he had to register in the forums in late 2005, and did, he made a few posts and logged back on in early 2006.


Two_Finger's username was created when he decided to make an account on Runescape a while before finding MFGG. When he ran out of Ideas for a name, he used the first thing that came into his mind which was probably from sub-consciously thinking about Mario's victory pose in Super Mario World.



Two_Finger's main (and only public) character was created to resemble a couple of Yoshi eggs and detached, floating hands and feet. Is unnamed.


Two_Finger's currently unnamed second character is a generic anime boy with hands, feet, and a lack of limbs (has a neck though) like the other character.