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Madam Ki

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Aliases: Yucie, Hoharu
Interests: Anime, manga, Pokémon, not school, making original characters, and many other small things
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Madam Ki is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on April 23rd, 2006. She has been banned several times due to flaming other members. She had since improved her behavior, and began posting consistently random content in the Pointless Post Palace. She occasionally posted art, and was well known for producing anime-like portraits drawn on her tablet, which may be the reason she prefers drawing by hand. She is, however, a talented pixel artist. She was known to endlessly vent dialogue related to her life through various "emo topics", which was disliked by many other MFGGers. She is no longer on MFGG.

Quotes from Other MFGGers

  • "When in lady day vents hate for matt for no good reason" - Derrike G.
  • "A strong and independent member. If I had to choose between Madam Ki and a pot of gold, I'd pick Ki and throw the gold over a cliff, then high five Ki and go get a milkshake." - Hatman
  • "Ki is Ki-ool" - Shyguy Grey
  • "id pick the gold... fo reals. its gold!" - Fupoo
  • "I'd pick Ki and make her /dance. We'd be both rich." - Elly (BTW, how did this turn into a debate about me or a pot of gold?)
  • "i would make babies and name em all Smoke Jr. or Smoki or Madam Kimoke" - ~Smoke~
  • "what about all the nasty things I said?!" - Draco Icebane