Team Wut

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Team Wut's Logo from the Second Team War

Team Wut were a group of members established in the first Team Wars, along with The Ultimate Team. It was regarded as one of the main teams created in the Team Wars fad, having been revived a couple of times after the fads ended. Team Wut has not shown up after the second team war due to many of it's members being no longer active on MFGG Forums (and due to the banning of the second war).

Team Wut was lead by Magneto92989 and Omega Koopa, however other members joined throughout it's lifespan. Many of these members "Changed sides" or quit, however.

By the end of the second team war, Team Wut included Magneto92989, Omega Koopa, Bowserman, Roxxors Your Boxxors, Black Squirrel, Web, Darkz and Slamman12 (and three others I can't recognise -BS).

Team Wut's slogan is "We don't need no stupid slogan".

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