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Sponge, being oh so sexy~
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Aliases: Sponge, The_Sponge, Sponge_Monkeyz.
Real name: Jacob Stacy
Interests: Drawing, Mario, and Fezes
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Sponge joined in November 2006 when his pal, Neopolis told him the place was pretty cool. He wasn't very active in his first month, but in December, he started to post regularly. Sponge did not want to use his human character as he does on other sites because he thought a Mario creature would be better. So, he made his persona into a brown haired Blooper with a fez.



Sponge has grown over time to have met alot of people on MFGG he now loves and cherishes. Some of these people are Neopolis, MechaBowser, Smoke, OSM, SolarSexy, Sword, Shyguy Grey, GeneralGuy, BanjoSonic, T-man, Bill Ding, LuFa, there is probably more so this part of the page may get edited alot. Sponge is also one of the few members who is still friends with Derrike Even after his Permaban. He even occasionally gets a few posts from Wheeljerk that aren't completely hurtful!


Sponge is mostly known in CCC, Occasionally making threads, explaining why is postcount is not that huge for his length of time being on MFGG. Squirrely was what Sponge first tried using to become popular but later become a nu-sense with it. Sponge is mostly known on MFGG for his cute, squishy design and pervy hi-jinks. Sponge has also been banned once for apparently, Harassing Kyli the Hedgehog as a joke. Same day as his signature changed into a train of GIF's.

MFGG the movie (the comic)

Summer of 2007, this comic was created. It lasted for many months until Sponge had to stop the comic due to work on an original comic for a site he was hosted on, This is normal for him, since he has never completed a comic in his life. Will he go back to it, Likely. Will he finish it? Don't get your hopes up.

Youtube music related videos

Sponge one day made a misheard lyrics video of the Limp Biskit song "Keep Rollin" to "Keep Bowlin" that caught quite a bit of attention. In return, Sponge created a dozen more of them. His videos can be found in the External links.


  • A member of Team Heart Attack.
  • Did not Receive a Gift in both the MFGGcret Santa '07 and MFGGcret Santa '08

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