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Artwork of BanjoSonic, drawn by FuPoo.
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Aliases: BSonic, BanjoSonic-TH, BSonirachi
Real name: Adam
Interests: Games and computers
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BanjoSonic joined the MFGG message board on January 26th, 2006, and he is one of the few MFGGers to come from the Rare Witch Project. His online identity started when he connected to Nintendo WFC at a hotspot with the screenname "BSonic", and a few days after that his order for the Wi-Fi Adapter had arrived and so he joined the RWP, and nearly 2 weeks later, MFGG. Since joining, he hasn't ever been warned or banned. He took a break from message boards on 1st Apr 2006 up to 20th Apr 2006. Over the time he has been on MFGG, he became less n00bish and has made quite a handful of friends, such as Omega Koopa, MegaTailzChao, Shyguy Grey, Neopolis, Subby and Bottles98. He is not to be confused with BKSonic, another member from RWP.


BanjoSonic is 18 years old, is British and he suffers from aspergers. He is generally a calm and friendly fellow and enjoys a bit of fun, but there are some times where he gets a bit frustrated, usually when something/someone annoys him.

Some of the things he likes include drawing, using computers, watching cartoons, mermaids, transformation art, reading and relaxing, and he is mainly interested in games from the Sonic series, Mario series, Pokémon series, Banjo-Kazooie series, Worms series and some puzzle games such as Tetris.


A picture of BSonirachi.

His character is a brown hedgehog (based on Sonic's classic design) wearing Banjo's shorts and backpack, and peach coloured shoes with a dark grey stripe across them.

On 14th August 2007, BanjoSonic had seen a picture of Tri with a sex change and so he did the same thing with his own character, and even made a topic about it called "ITT I've turned into a girl". When other members posted their female forms in the topic, BanjoSonic renamed it to "ITT sex change your characters". Due to the topic's growing popularity, BanjoSonic made his female form an official side-character of his, who has a different bag, a yellow top, and in the place of yellow shorts a yellow skirt. He no longer uses this character.

Due to his high interests of the two Pokémon Chikorita and Jirachi he has turned his character into his "Pokéfied" versions of his character based on them two. He seems to use the Jirachi version moreso than his original hedgehog character, but he still uses that character if he needs to.

Other stuff

  • Before joining, BanjoSonic has lurked on the forums as a guest for a few months, even during the events of The PPP Explosion.
  • He has an obsession with the two Grass-type Pokémon Chikorita and Bayleef.
  • He believes that FIFAD is the best fad on MFGG.
  • He is also one of the active MFGGers of iScribble and runs a room called "SUPAH SAWNIK RACIN'" there.

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