Secret Santa

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Secret Santa (formerly known as MFGGcret Santa) is the MFGG Forums equivalent of the annual Secret Santa event held each December in various social communities. Secret Santa is managed by the special Santa account, which may be used by any active administrator.

Event summary

As with other Secret Santa events, MFGG's Secret Santa requires an adequate number of board members to register on a list of things that they enjoy. After the registration period has expired, each person on the list is assigned one random other person for whom to create a gift within a given time window - generally from a few days before Christmas to Christmas Eve. They must then send their gift (once it's finished) to Santa within a Personal Message; he will publish these gifts on the forum (assuming they are appropriate) along with the recipients and their benefactors on the final submission day, one by one in at least recent Secret Santa events.

Persons are not paired; despite knowing who the recipient of their gift is, each person ideally does not know who is making their own gift.

Anyone who enters and subsequently fails to produce a proper gift is disqualified from entering the next year's Secret Santa, while those who participate fully receive a badge. Participants that ended up not putting much effort into the gift they are making may also get disqualified from entering the next Secret Santa event.

Event history