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Aliases: Magneto, The Blue Koopa Brother
Interests: Unknown
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Magneto92989 is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on September 24th, 2004. At first, it seemed that he was odd, somehow. Prior to his joining, he had only been part of the community for one other forum, and it was quite different from MFGG. Despite that, he grew quite attached to MFGG (especially the PPP).


Not long after joining, he claimed the title of "Biggest Koopa Bros. Fan" (a claim which is generally agreed on). Early on, he was a bit of a n00b; but after a while, his n00bish-ness began to deteriorate. It was at this point when he became a more serious member. Lately, he's found himself drifting away from MFGG, and not logging on as often. Occasionally, he checks around a bit, but he never stays around for very long, largely because he began maturing "out" of the community. He has only been warned twice, and both of those have already been removed from his warn count.