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Aliases: DarkBoo, Hikari Horaki Freak, Darkzy
Real name: Robbie
Interests: Pizza, Rihanna, Indie Music, Marijuana :]
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Darkz is an MFGGer who lived in the Chicago area. He came upon MFGG one day with his friend using a shared account under the name Darkboo. His friend stopped going to MFGG, so it became his exclusively. He became friends with Puddin and Quickie-la after taking an interest in MFGG High. He came out of the closet as one of the first openly gay MFGGers. He later took part in the Team Wars.

He was very active in 2006, but left soon after his 10,000th post due to problems with Binky and Biddy. His character was originally a dark "Boo" which later evolved into a beret-wearing, gothic-fashioned, ghost wielding a mallet. His best friend is Jas.


Lea was Darkz's old sidekick. She had blonde hair, a hat, glasses, a green skirt and a crop top shirt.


Darkz passed away on January 6, 2013. After learning of his death a year later, and deliberating for some time on what to do, Jas announced what had happened to the MFGG wider community in the General Chat on July 19th, 2014.