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Aliases: Slamman12, Mykle
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Slamman is a member at MFGG. He joined the mainsite on June 15th 2006. He submitted 10 sprite sheets, 2 games and reviews, and a How-To. He also goes by the name Slamman12 on the mainsite.

His ref is a blue Knuckles with pointed sunglasses, a green jacket, yellow gloves with gray spikes, and red pants and shoes. Other things include a yellow cape and necklace, with what appears to be a cross on it, and yellow rings around the spikes on his head. [[1]]


On the site of sprites, Slamman has submitted a few enemy sheets to the site, including a Goomba, Wiggler, Pokey, and the "lava boss" from Super Mario Galaxy. Alongside a Cape Mario SMAS SMB3 edit, he submitted three pose creators, them being SMAS SMB3 Mario, a Yoshi's Island red Koopa Troopa, and Superstar Saga Luigi. On the other side of tilesets, his only one was a 3D Super Mario World block set, including ? blocks, Note Blocks, and the blocks that can be carried and thrown.