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Tri's Reference and Main Site Staff Avatar, drawn by Stixdude.
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Interests: MFGG, KS, Drawing, Music, Fangames
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Tri is an MFGGer who joined the MFGG Forums on February 17th, 2005. He had a somewhat serious intent in entering the INDIE SCENE, and was greeted warmly by the community in one of its brightest times. Through time he has gone through a lot but despite the rough trail of errors and mishaps in the past, he has managed to integrate and fluctuate well into the community, becoming a constant debater, artist, musician, game maker, commentator, and overall - if somewhat unskilled in some areas - jack-of-all-trades. YEEEAHHHHHH

I. General

Where Tri pulls his excessive ego centrism out of is of this moment unclear, though highly employed nuclear biophysicists are attempting their best to solve this question - it is in fact one of the millennium's most mysterious. In any case, as much as he is a bigot for PERSONAL ATTENTION he is an overall nice guy who rarely gets into arguments, but when he does, make sure you have some syrup, a couple of corn dogs and some real dogs handy for when - gulp - things get ugly. 'Cause, y'know, they totally can.

II. Online persona and alterations

This fella has had like a MILLION alterations to his online persona that nobody really cares about, but they're still worth noting because - gasp, surprise surprise - he cares too much about himself.

'05 Tri - Green hoodie, blue pants, and overall MACHO looking structure. Goofy locks sticking out of hair.
'06 Tri - Green patched hoodie, jeans, more relaxed looking bodyframe. A bit less fit than his '05 counterpart.
'07 Tri - an early version of '09 Tri, this guy wears a black shirt with a yellow triangle on it, a red bandanna on his neck, patched jeans, and has a thing that looks like a pencil on his right arm. Oh, and he has no nose, so by logic, he died in his sleep one day. No longer exists in the realm of the living.
'08 Tri - Nicknamed 'Fire Emblem Tri' by Medaforcer, this guy has a silly Fire Emblem-y ripoff-y costume that tries too hard to be edgy and cool. His location is currently unknown, as apparently the shame of being the lamest thing EVER caused him to go into exile from his native kingdom of Retardia.
'09 Tri A - Some stupid Star-Wars-y version looking of the guy. At least he has a pretty cool Katana, so he has nothing to be crying over except for the fact that he looks absolutely and miserably gay; though he refuses to admit it. JUST COME OUT MAN IT'S OK
'09 Tri B A variation of '07 Tri without the stupid triangle on his shirt and the stupid pencil thing, also he has a nose so he can breathe. Currently Tri's FAVERITE online persona.

III. Relationship with other members

He has a fantastic rapport with most of the entire community, but some members are worth noting because, well, they RAWK.

Guinea - Tri's personal best online friend (on a tie with possibly Bungalo or AppleQueso). Mentored him for a while on the basics of Game Maker and is still one of his most talked to members.

DJ Yoshiman - one of Tri's better friends. He taught him the ropes about music-making and Tri looks up to DJ's musical prowess.

Mrs. Aforcer - One crazy (awesome) lady. Often gets into insane and riddling arguments with Tri. For some reason they're always friends after that.

IV. What other MFGGers could view him as

"You're one people could consider 'odd' in some ways. You like things in certain styles, and can probably get what you want fairly quickly if you worked for it. You don't really follow fads, instead you like doing things for yourself and setting yourself apart in the crowd."

By Nad. He totally rocked his socks off with this super-accurate description! And he did it just by looking at Tri's avatar! Woo, go Nad!

A previous moderator, which he became on June 19, 2009.

He temporarily resigned as moderator on March 6, 2010.