Mrs. Aforcer

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Mrs. Aforcer

Mrs. Aforcer's reference, Bunny.
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Aliases: Mrs. A, Bunny
Interests: Literature, Film, Language, Video Games, Art, Food, Politics
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Mrs. Aforcer is a Human member of the English Major class. This rare and under-appreciated class specializes in literature and grammar-based attacks, and at higher levels, are granted access to the English Teacher and Starving Novelist classes. In her natural state, she can be found sleeping until well after noontime, playing video games, and blasting Scandinavian metal obnoxiously from her dorm room. Mrs. Aforcer is an adaptable creature, and she can live comfortably in many habitats, including (but not limited to) the dungeon-like upstairs bedroom of her mother's townhouse, Medaforcer's welcoming living room, and her very own estrogen-ridden all-girls dorm room at Scripps.

She also appears to interact fairly well with a number of other members on MFGG, but occasionally engages in intellectual spats often resulting in a temporary decrease in her Kindness stat. Interestingly, her most frequent and longest-running disagreements often seem to occur against the members who are most similar to her, like Ashura and Raie. However, she tries to be an overall likable and helpful member of the MFGG community.

Mrs. A seems to be inactive on both MFGG and Minus World these days.

Why the Axe?

Mrs. Aforcer's reference character, Bunny, can normally be seen holding a rather hefty, powerful-looking axe -- but why? No clear answers to this question have been discovered yet, but some speculate it is used to fight trolls off, while other hypothesize it is used in some sadistic ritual with Medaforcer. For some time, there was a back story surrounding the axe (as well as the reason for the armour and ears), but the ideas were scrapped when Mrs. Aforcer set foot upon the daunting College Freshman level. Whatever it's use, it increases Mrs. Aforcer's Brutality and Awesomeness stats, and also maximizes her Attack stat. It is truly a formidable yet mysterious weapon, indeed.