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Aliases: Quickman, pdk, Gay for Bogard Bros., Best Bogards
Interests: Fighting games, Neo-Geo
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Quicky is an oldbie member of MFGG.

" Oh that Quicky, where do I start with him? You see, here I am, minding my business in the IRC when suddenly BILLIONS of letters show up all talking about SHORYUKEN and Street Figther 3, you know what that means don't you? That's right, OPERATOR QUICKY is in da house! Even if his cold exterior might make newbies a LITTLE afraid do not mistake! Quickman is a good fellow yo'! If he ain't liking you then chances are that YOU messed up!

What was that? Other forums? Well look Buddy, I don't know much about Quicky outside of the IRC but I hear rumors from fellas on dah AOL Messenger that he's also a member of the SHADY UNDERGROUND! [MFGGU] ITSELF! Pure jibberjabber if you ask me. I mean, this guy is the FOUNDER OF THE UNOFFICIAL MFGG IRC CHANNEL! Certainly would never get in business with the kinds of Cutman and Nightwing! Speak of BUSINESS, I heard he's a programmer too! In fact he's just adding the final details to the IRC OPERATIONAL A.I. M.A.R.K.O.V.!!! (Mechanical Active Robot Kuriously Overdeveloped and Vulgar). Is this interview done? I need to go wee wee!


— Banzaitron, on Quicky