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by ~Smoke~
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Aliases: Nnnkingston, Sora, Sora1705x, paperman, FullmetalNnnk, Nnnkingstoner
Interests: Video games, music, drawing, riding bike, writing, watching tokusatsu, etc
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Nnnk is an MFGGer who joined the MFGG Forums on June 5th, 2006. He hasn't finished any fangames yet but he enjoys the community and playing the games.

He is known for just posting and making the few short MFGG movies, collectively known as the MFGG Subliminal Series.

How and Why

Nnnk was bored one summer and started looking up Mario fangames. After about two days of playing some rather mediocre games he discovered the MFGG Main Site. He started downloading anything of note, and a day later discovered the Forums, and after joining he posted a topic showing off his horrible RPG Maker game, with some nice encouragement.

Back then he was a complete moron, fresh off the Gaia Online express. A few months in MFGG straightened him out. Thank God for it too.


Nnnk’s name defies language and makes all English majors hate him. His previous username “Nnnk” was pronounced “en-kay.” His current username “Nnnkingston” is pronounced “en-king’s-tin.”


Nnnk has only had one major overhaul of his character the entire time he’s been staying at MFGG. His original character, usually referred as Nnnk’06, was the same blue man that you see above. He wore a jacket that was dark blue, light brown/orange pants, shoes exactly like Sonic the Hedgehog’s, as well as his classical beanie.

Around the end of 2008 Nnnk had been discussing making a new character with his friend Max Rider, and after giving details, Nnnkingston was created.

Nnnkingston is basically the same character, except with a new wardrobe. His jacket is now a red color that is lighter than his beanie, and wears light brown shorts or jeans, as well as black and white shoes and a small tuft of blond hair protruding from underneath the beanie.

Fangame Involvement

Later after Nnnk joined, he stumbled across a topic called Super Smash Bros. Fight in the Fangaming Discussion. He clicked on it and he read the entire topic. His first post was suggesting to have Fawful in the game. From there on he helped MechaBowser in little bits, like making the plot and lots of trophies.

He also helped MechaBowser test Super Smash Bros. Fight EXTREME, MFGG Kingdom, MFGG Royale: The Game and MFGG Ware the latter of which he was pictured on the main menu, but he didn’t star in a minigame.

Nnnk along with others were working on a secret game called Project Timeless, for a few months, but after a while the game was canned, and was not past the spriting and planning stages.

Recently he completed his first game effort, MFGG RPG: The Castle of Pure Evil. It was met with mild success.

MFGG Subliminal

Nnnk's only "claim" to fame is the series of MFGG Subliminal videos, which were started by boredom. Each one has had moderate success, even to convince him to pump out another a few months later.

Here's the current list of MFGG Subliminals:

MFGG Subliminal

MFGG Subliminal 2: Stare Into It

MFGG Subliminal 3: 3rd Goddamn Time is the Charm

MFGG Subliminal 5-1


  • In 2007, Nnnk took an unannounced four-month break from MFGG, and once he returned MechaBowser surprised him with rumors that he died (ala electric fire like the MFGG tradition) and that his real name was Nick.
  • Made his first character up by editing NO Body's Dummy page randomly in an effort to make a sprite sheet for a now canceled MFGG game
  • Has a horrible taste in music
  • Aspires to finish writing a few movie scripts that he has started.