Super Mario Bros.: Bloody Battles

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Super Mario Bros.: Bloody Battles
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date July 25, 2009
Genre Platform/Shooter
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Super Mario Bros.: Bloody Battles is a platform/shooter game Hello released in 2009. Instead of fighting Bowser and his minions with Fire Flowers and other common Mushroom Kingdom items, however, Mario uses firearms! Blood splatters all over the screen every time an enemy is hit, even inanimate ones like Bullet Bills. The game uses the Hello Engine 3, but many modifications have been made. Mario uses a life meter (as seen in Super Mario 64 and later 3-D games) which can be refilled only with Super Mushrooms. To attack his enemies, Mario must pick up and use the various guns found lying around the countryside. There are five different weapons: A pistol, with 20 rounds of ammunition; a 50-round machine gun that allows Mario to shoot bullets as long as the player holds the Ctrl key; two torpedo launchers, with arched and straight trajectories, with powerful explosives that can also hurt Mario; and a rare low-range automatic weapon that has a whopping 90 rounds of ammo. There are also bombs in some places that can be thrown at enemies and blocks. SMB: Bloody Battles is the first Hello game to give players a choice between Mario and Luigi at the start of the game. Instead of Yoshi, the dinosaur buddy included in this game is the blue, shades-wearing Boshi from Super Mario RPG.


Through unknown means (and for reasons unexplained), Bowser has acquired deadly weapons, and his army is using them to slaughter the mushroom people and terrorize the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario must put a stop to this! While the final boss isn't particularly innovative, the ending is perhaps Hello's most interesting.


Most levels in this game are overworld levels based on the kinds of things that show up in all the Hello games, but there are also several bridge, underwater, and fortress levels. The only cavern is, needless to say, the second level in the game. Perhaps the most interesting level is the hidden Classic Crossway, which pays tribute (violently) to the first level in Super Mario Bros. 3. Hammer Bros. fights also show up frequently. The game often gives Mario a choice of routes to take on the overworld map; most hidden routes are shorter but more difficult. Players are allowed to save upon completion of every level, so running out of lives will never be a major problem.


As with Hello's previous violent games, Super Mario Bros.: Crimson Hours and Super Mario Bros.: Dark Days, almost everything looks red, from the bloodstained Black Squirrel ground tiles to the disgusting red waters. The map screen is probably Hello's nicest-looking maps ever.


Hello uses the Ogg Vorbis file format for his music, which have some high file sizes but sound quite nice. The songs come from OC Remix and Newgrounds and leave a feeling of tension or melancholy. Most levels play some form of remix of the Super Mario World castle theme.


While the blood and gore turned off some players, most players thought this game was fairly fun and more original than most of Hello's other games. SMB: Bloody Battles is longer and undoubtedly much better than Hello's first two "bloody" games.

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