Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2014

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The eighth Nintendo Community Fangame Convention was held in 2014.



The Legend of Zelda

  • Zelda 2 DX by HylianDev
  • OoT 2D by CheerfulSage
  • Legend of Zelda: Horn of Balance by martijndh
  • LoZ:Unnamed Quest by OniShounen
  • LoZ: Netherforce Shards by PJCLink
  • TLoZ: New Beginnings by Gumstone1080


  • Touhoumon Purple by Agastya

Fire Emblem

  • Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword by BwdYeti
  • Inheritance of Ash by Siuloir
  • Fire Emblem: Bloodlines by ghastation


  • Bingo The Multiva by Plom510
  • Legena: Union Tides by King_Tetiro
  • Rivals of Aether by d4nace
  • Spark the electric jester by LakeFeperd
  • Pacewar by onpon4
  • Infinite Run One by Supernova
  • Cops by Supernova
  • Swords of Asumi by KiddoCabbusses


  • Megaman X Retribution by KyosVx15
  • BS-X Project by KiddoCabbusses
  • Mega Man X Virus by KiddoCabbusses