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Interests: Spriting, trying new things, games, fangame development, and more!
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Neweegee first joined the MFGG mainsite on October 4, 2009, and he created an account on the current iteration of the forums on June 24, 2011. He is an extremely well respected sprite-artist, and an active member of the MFGG community. Graphically, he is most well known for a style he created known as, "2D Worlx". He used to take requests for sheets in this style, but currently is not interested in taking any.


When Neweegee first joined the MFGG community, he hadn't done very much of significance. But after a few months, he submitted a sprite sheet to MFGG. When it got accepted, it was fairly well received (though, it did not get a great deal of attention). Very soon after, he submitted another sheet (Luigi in a Tanooki suit), which got even less attention, and was not well received (largely because it lacked a tail). After this, he had gone back to his previous state. Over a year and a half later, he finally submitted another sheet (this being his first custom). It was very well received (and well noted for having an animated thumbnail)! In 2011, he submitted his third sprite sheet which, like his previous ones, was an edit.

Sometime before joining the Message Boards, he had worked on multiple Mario or Sonic fangames, but he had never finished any of them.

For quite awhile after joining the Message Boards, he had done very little aside from commenting (especially when it came to assisting other members) on various threads and working on his own sprites and fangames "behind the scenes", so-to-speak. Early on, he started a Sonic fangame, but ended up scrapping it. He had also looked extensively into Hello Engine, which he even stated is really what got him into Game Maker. He had considered joining into Spriting Competitions, but didn't submit anything. Early on in 2012, Neweegee submitted his fourth sheet (which was his first custom). This was very well received, and got a great deal of attention for having an animated thumbnail. Several days later, Neweegee created a thread focused around trying to revamp his third sprite sheet. While this taught him some valuable tips on how to design a sheet, it did very little to improve the sprite-work itself.

He was pretty inactive for a good time, but almost a year later (in 2013), he submitted another sprite sheet, which was an updated version of his last one (which used the skills he had learned in organization, shading, coloring, and many other things). It was extremely well received! Two months later, he submitted his first sheet in 2D Worlx style. This has been used in various fangames.

In 2014, he became a pretty active member on the Message Boards. He had also submitted many more sheets to the mainsite, all of which are in 2D Worlx style. He also began working on a fangame, Super Mario FA - Vanishing Colosseum, which used a slightly, technically, fundamentally altered 2D Worlx art style. Even though it had gotten a huge amount of attention and praise for it's polish, he is not working on it in favor of a Zelda fangame, RE: The Legend of Zelda. He has submitted fifteen sprite sheets to the MFGG Mainsite, ten of which are in 2D Worlx style.

Starting from late 2015, Neweegee has been experimenting with a new style to more or less stray away from the old SMB3 shading style all his previous works used. So far, the results have given him a mostly positive reception with a couple of critiques. He's currently using this style in a new unnamed fangame. He's also a spriter of Super Mario Flashback, which uses a style that's completely different than his previous work.

Neweegee participated at the Sprite Competition #4 - 2016, with his entry representing Echo the Dolphin with the Penguin Suit that can be found in some of the Mario games. His entry managed to place second. Neweegee also participated at the Sprite Competition #1 - 2017. Neweegee managed to tie with Mit for Best Spriter on the MFGG Awards 2016.


  • Neweegee has an unnatural talent of taking nearly any character under the sun and making an impressive sprite sheet for that character in his own style. Notable examples include Webber from Don't Starve and Chomper from the Munchables.