Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos

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Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos
Developer(s) Mors, StrikeForcer
Announce Date 2010 (As SMB: IDK) 2012 (As MLCC)
Release Date TBA
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8.0
Platform Windows
Status On hiatus
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Development of this game has paused for an extended period of time.

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Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos is a fangame made by Mors with help of StrikeForcer powered by DragezeeY Engine VII. It features SMW style gameplay with SMB1 style levels and custom SMB3 styled graphics. The game will have total 9 worlds, 56 levels and 15 Power-ups.


Playable Characters

  • Mario: He is the most balanced character and his special ability is spinjump, which can break turn blocks and kill certain enemies in one hit.
  • Luigi: Although he is good at jumping, he has a terrible traction he is not as fast as Mario. His special ability is super jump, which allows him to reach higher areas. But be careful. He's hard to control while super jumping.
  • Toad: Unlike other heroes, he can't use power-ups. But he is fast, he is strong, he has the best traction and every mushroom he collects gives him a hearth point, but he is terrible at jumping. You should do a charged jump to reach areas he can't reach. He is not available in the latest demo.

Non-playable Characters

  • Princess Peach: She will help you on your journey to save the Mushroom World.
  • Filmask: Filmask is a green Fly Guy, who is actually the guardian of the Golden Star.
  • Wario: Wario is a fat treasure hunter, who will cause some trouble on our heroes way.
  • Waluigi: Waluigi is Wario's brother and he will try to start his own Kingdom.
  • Bowser: Bowser is back, but not to conquer Mushroom Kingdom. No, this time to conquer whole Mushroom World, with the power of Golden Star!
  • Koopalings: Bowser's seven sons will be trying to stop you to save the Golden Star. Will they be successful, or not?
  • Other Characters: Toad, Toads, Yoshi, Coin Princess, Talking Sign, Coin People.



  • Super Mushroom: Super Mushroom turns the player into Super Mario or Super Luigi and makes the player bigger. It lets the player take one more hit before dying and gives new abilities like breaking brick blocks.
  • Fire Flower: Fire Flower turns the player into Fire Mario or Fire Luigi. It lets you throw bouncy fireballs that can kill enemies. Like the other forms of Mario and Luigi, (except for Super and Mini) if the player is hit in this form, he will revert back to Super Mario or Super Luigi.
  • Super Carrot: Super Carrot turns the player into Rabbit Mario or Rabbit Luigi. With this power-up, the player can float.
  • Super Leaf: Super Leaf changes the player into Raccoon Mario or Raccoon Luigi. In this form, the player can float similar to Bunny Mario, but also he can fly or spin to kill enemies and hit blocks.
  • Superball Flower: Superball Flowers have the ability to transform Mario or Luigi into Superball Mario or Superball Luigi. With this form, the player can shoot superballs, which are similar to fireballs, but they aren't get affected by gravity and can collect coins.
  • Super Thunderbolt (New): Super Thunderbolt changes the player into Thunder Mario or Thunder Luigi. In this form the player can throw thunderbolt, which are slower, but stronger than fireballs.
  • Ice Flower (Redesigned): Ice Flower gives you the ability to shoot balls can freeze your opponents.
  • Frog Suit: Frog Suit changes Mario into Frog Mario. In this form, the player can swim better and jump higher. But be careful, Frog Mario and Frog Luigi walk slower than their Super form.
  • Cape Feather: Turn the player into Caped Mario or Caped Luigi.
  • Magnet Flower (New): Magnet Flower changes the player into into Magnet Mario or Magnet Luigi.
  • Super Lui (New): Super Lui changes the player into into Lui Mario or Mari Luigi.
  • Earth Flower (New): Earth Flower changes the player into into Earth Mario or Earth Luigi.
  • Hammer Suit: Hammer Suit changes the player into into Laser Mario or Laser Luigi.
  • Laser Flower (New): Laser Flower changes the player into into Laser Mario or Laser Luigi.


  • Yoshi
  • Tank


  • World 1 - Green Plains: A typical grassland world, which is inspired by Yoshi's Island from Super Mario World. The boss is Lemmy Koopa.
  • World 2 - Big Hot Desert: A hot desert world that has lots of sand, castuses and some creatures unique to that world. The boss is Roy Koopa.
  • World 3 - Tropical Shores : A tropical world made of several island on a ocean. And these islands have some interesting enemies, such as Fighter Flies and Sidesteppers. The boss is Lemmy Koopa.
  • World 4 - Shroom City: More info is coming soon...
  • World 5 - Forest of Boos: An unusual forest with some scary ghosts. The mini boss is Big Boo and the main boss is Iggy Koopa. It's one of only two worlds have a mini boss, the other one is World 8.
  • World 6 - Icy Island: A typical ice world. The boss is Wendy Koopa.
  • World 7 - Mount East: A world takes place on a mountain and features some lava segments. The boss is Morton Koopa Jr.
  • World 8 - Bowser's Land: It takes place on a cave. Just like the previous world, it features some lava segments. The mini boss is Bowser and the main boss is ******** Bowser.
  • World S - Special World: It has levels from previous world with a twist.
  • World X: This world has only one level, which is the longest level in this game.

Secret Levels

There are some secret levels in the save game room. They don't have any affect to the main game but they are hard to find.

  • Secret Level 1: This level is based on Super Mario Bros. 1 and Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • Secret Level 2: Play it yourself.
  • Secret Level 3: Not available in the latest demo.
  • Secret Level 4: Not available in the latest demo. It will be very hard to find, and it will be very different.


Download NCFC 2014 Beta

Download Alpha (Outdated)


Download Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos from MFGG's main site

File Size: 9.23 MB

Super Mario Bros.: IDK

Super Mario Bros.: IDK is one of the Mors' oldest fangames, which is made using Hello Engine 4. The game received poorly because of having bad level designs and using a broken version of Hello Engine 4. Later Mors started to remake it with a better engine, which has transformed into Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos.

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