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Real name: Julie Marchant
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onpon4 is a member of MFGG who joined on October 18th, 2011. She is best known as the creator of Bowser's Last Stand, the Stellar Game Engine (SGE), ReTux, and Kitten Command.

She is a strong supporter of free/libre software. As such, she refuses to use non-free sofware such as Windows, Game Maker, and Adobe Flash, among others. She strongly recommends buying freedom-friendly hardware, such as what is found on Think Penguin. On MFGG, she in particular advocates the use of free replacements for Game Maker, such as Game Editor, ENIGMA, the SGE, and LÖVE.

Her current preferred way to develop games is with the SGE, though she is also familiar with ENIGMA and Game Editor.

Bowser's Last Stand was developed before onpon4 was a strong free/libre software supporter.


  • "Onpon" comes from Japanese: 音本, which is an irregular combination intended to mean "origin of sound".
  • onpon4 usually spells her username in all lowercase, "onpon4" instead of "Onpon4" (though this is not the case if the "4" is omitted). This comes from a programming convention; names are case-sensitive, and only classes are usually capitalized. She is not particularly bothered when people write it as "Onpon4", but she prefers the all-lowercase form.
  • She has a website.