The Murderous MFGGer

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The Murderous MFGGer is an event that occurred on October 30th, 2010. It involved a Halloween Party for the day, that, after the warnings of Lemony Snicket, began to go horribly wrong as members started getting killed by an unknown assailant.

The Event

It started with an invitation posted by Dex the day before the event. The Lounge was to be opened up to the entire userbase and it was simply to have fun and have a party. The day of the event, the Lounge was opened, a pre-party topic was made, and users were allowed to have their names changed to "spooky" versions. The forum's skin was also changed to Booberry.

At 5:36 PM EST, Lemony Snicket began the topic "A terrible thing is about to happen." The topic had its own theme music, much like the pre-party topic, however it was a more chilling and threatening tune than the calm, relaxed tune of the party.

An hour later, at 6:39, Snicket reported the death of admin Kyori, having been drowned in a cup of tea. To support this, Kyori became a "Ghost Member" and discontinued posting in the topic. The topic was later changed to "The Murderous MFGGer" and the DavidCaruso began to investigate the murders, alongside the remaining mod team.

As time passed, though, more victims came to light, including Waddle Dee, Chaoxys, RetroX, Zero Kirby, Professor Layton, Xgoff, Initiative Response and Ω, and finally culminating in the murders of Caurso himself and the then-prime suspect, The Bard. Snicket would report on each of their deaths, and Caruso would post clues, allowing the members to start figuring things out; after Caruso's death, Snicket himself conducted the investigation.

At the end of the event, Santa was apprehended as the killer, as the clues seemed to point at him. However, Snicket's final statement implies that something's still not right.

Circumstances of the Event

Lemony Snicket was made as an Event Leader account, and a new group, Ghost Members, was made for members who got killed by the murderer. Members were also allowed to change their names to "spooky" versions.

The event was started and finished in about five hours.

Name changes