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Hmmm, Nightwheel
A pic of Nighwheel's ref drawn by request from 123James
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Interests: Photo Editing, Internet, Playing Games, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, working on electronics, and making the occasional youtube video
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Nightwheel was one of the later '07 members. Nightwheel joined on October 28th, 2007 and made this Welcome Thread. Now Nightwheel is one of the more interesting members. Even though he's not high on the popularity chart, people know who he is and what he does. Nightwheel was among the members who lost large amount of posts because of The Great Mistake.


Nightwheel has not made any games yet. He has said he would enter the Christmas Mini-game competition, Skypop Mini-game competition, and Black Squirrel's improv game competition that was in CCC. However, he never entered any games for either of the competitions. He has said on one occasion something about wanting to make a Stargate SG1/Mario cross over game.

Attack against Nightwheel

Nightwheel fell victim to an attack on the night of Wednesday, February 14th, 2008 by a party claiming to be from 711Chan. Most of his sites were "cracked"; that is to say, his login and password for each of his sites were revealed. The password to one of his email addresses was also changed. The attacker added a contact to Nightwheel's email account titled "Porn Master" and sent the contact an email. Then the attacker sent a email out to all of his contacts. Luckily he was able to change his password for that email and regain control of his email account. He was also banned from several forums and other accounts because of the actions of the attacker, who was in control of his accounts.

While all of this was happening. Nightwheel, who had returned home from a church function that night. Was fortunate that his MFGG account hadn't yet been overtaken by the attackers. So to prevent his account to be overtaken. He got DJ Yoshiman to temporarily ban him at MFGG until he had everything under control. And Nightwheel also did some damage prevention on other forums and sites during this time.