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Aliases: LocoRoo, Comrade Lokorov, WhiteBlizzard, YoshiLandProductions, Ambu Lance, Kay Farooday, The Headless Horooseman
Interests: Game development, drawing, music composition, Kay Faraday
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Roo is a MFGGer that joined the MFGG forums since December 26th, 2007 (though he was also a member during 2006 under the name Whiteblizzard).


Roo was accepted as Secondary Developer of MechaSource on October 2nd, 2008. He got kicked out several weeks later for not participating enough.


LocoRoo was permabanned on January 19th, 2009 after Tragic somehow found out that he had created lots of dupes since his first banning in 2006 (or somewhere along those lines). YoshiLandProductions is one of these.


LocoRoo returned to the new phpBB forums with the name Comrade Lokorov. He later changed his name back to LocoRoo. In May 18th, he changed his name to Kay Farooday. And finally Roo in MFGG 5.5.


Roo has developed a number of fangames for Minigame Competitions and as independent projects. On November 6th, 2008, Roo submitted a fangame demo from the perspective of a Buzzy Beetle to the Mainsite named Super Buzzy: Star of Eternity. It was very poorly received and has not been completed. He later entered the Minigame Competition #58. While he did not when the competition, he later submitted the game to the Mainsite where it was greatly acclaimed. However, two years later, he submitted a minigame demo which had terrible reception, earning an average review score of 2.7. He stated that he may finish the game eventually, but there is no indication that will ever happen.

Ten months later, on June 7, 2013, however, he submitted another fangame which, like Super Buzzy: Star of Eternity, had the starring role as a common enemy, this one being a Bob-Omb. The fangame, named Redemption, dealt with the psychological enlightement of a Bob-Omb torn between his suicidal function to destroy Mario and his desire to live a free life. The game was loosely based off of the popular indie game, Limbo, and was well appreciated for its clever take on an 8-bit theme, unique over-head story progression, and excellent use of a small range of sound effects. The game was greatly appreciated by Willsaber who later created a re-imagining of the game known as Fate, though it is generally considered inferior to Redemption.

On August 2 of that same year, Roo went back to developing more ambitious projects. With that in mind, he kept his pattern of starring enemies as a playable character with a demo of Chuck You. It was generally well received, though there was some controversy over the paronomasia of its title, but there is no indication of it still being in development.

On June 25th, 2014, Roo submitted another fangame, this one rather short in length, titled Fencing. Like Redemption, it was recognized for having a unique feel to it. Like Redemption, it used an 8-bit theme, though it was not primarily silhouette based. It received very mixed reviews, with some players loving the atmosphere, but other being disappointed with the shallow gameplay.

The most recent game he has developed was an entry in the Minigame Competition #1-2015, where the theme was "Cats". It won a sweeping victory, though it had some harsh critics, but never appeared on the Mainsite.