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It's called L-targeting
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Aliases: Spookyraie
Interests: Legend of Zelda, Art, Pokémon, etc.
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Raie is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on November 26th, 2006.

About Raie

Being a female member, she has gotten a lot of unwanted attention. Right after she joined, Delmore made a topic in the Pointless Post Palace about her joining, which quickly gained many pages in keeping with Kissing Booth Theory. Male members with high hormone levels gave her so much attention that she began to seriously complain about it. After a public warning was announced in an attempt to halt this, several members with relatively clean records were suspended for making forewarned topics or posts which apparently concerned her.

After joining, Raie posted with extreme frequency for awhile, giving her a posts-per-day average of far over 100, and astounding many members. However, the vast majority of her posts were in the PPP, which led some members to consider her something of a non-contributor. Several of Raie's enemies have accused her of constantly seeking attention.

Later on, Raie began to post elsewhere more frequently. She occasionally posted in the Arts Board, since she is an experienced artist whose work has been highly praised.

Raie was once a channel operator in the MFGG IRC chat.


  • Raie has mentioned that her name is pronounced like "rye", though many people have thought of it as pronounced like "ray".
  • She is well-known for certain PPP topics which she made about her "Rupee Points" system, wherein she arbitrarily awarded "Rupee Points" to people who did things she liked, and took them away from people who did things she didn't like.
  • Raie is frequently compared to Kyori, owing to the striking resemblance between their characters and their reputedly similar personalities.