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Chadook's character, called Yei"
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Aliases: Chadook (DARK BLOOM, Bloom, BLOOM1550, bloom 8, Bloomy previously ) , db, danny guy 1550, Moolb, Gonard, Sylvester the gang, Chitoge Kirisaki, FTON, Ihatefiendishchain....
Interests: Fangaming, drawing
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Chadook is a Tunisian MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on January 19th, 2010. He cancelled the fangame, LUIGI FOREVER, and released Super Mario Bros. 8 on the Main Site in early 2010. He's currently working on a fan-comic which is named "Yu-Gi-Oh! Me".

Currently Chadook is friends with Baby Yoshi1000. Chadook was pretty active in 2010.

Initially, Chadook was a controversial character that some MFGGers considered a "noob," although many of the misunderstandings stem from the language barrier, but currently he's trying to improve himself as the time flies.

It is unknown that he is whether or not still interested in fangaming.

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