Mega Man Name Changes

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The Mega Man Name Changes event began on the 4th January 2008. It was originally between some friends for Mega Man in Brawl Support, then one by one, other members began naming themselves after different Mega Man characters, and putting the characters' sprites as their avatars.

With the name change system being what it is, all these name changes have become permanent. Many members weren't happy with the idea. Other members changed their avatars to their chosen characters, but did not change their names.

There has been some debate over whether this counts as a "fad" or not. Those for it say that since more and more people keep jumping on the name changing bandwagon, that it still follows the formula of a fad. Others say that since fads are defined as being temporary, and the name changes aren't, that it shouldn't be called a fad.

Name Change list so far

It should be noted however, that due to the events of The Great Mistake, most of these name changes have been reverted. Additionally, over the course of time, many of these people have voluntarily had their names get reverted back to their originals, making the whole thing look more temporary than was previously suggested.

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