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Aliases: HardMan, Zolra, mikning, KhanZerv, BIG CAT DIARY
Interests: PHP, C++, Artsy things, GNU/Linux
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MikeL is this dude who used to be around a lot in the mid 2000s but has since been swept up in the flow of Real Life. He (used to) pop(s) in #mfgg from time to time.

MikeL's Internets

MikeL runs his own webserver on his computer, hosts files for Lightning, as well as himself. He owns a site named H4xopolis on his server, and coded a real-time sigchat with PHP, which at the moment he does not currently display in his signature. MikeL is a Fedora Linux user.


Previously, he hosted the most active Pokemon Netbattle server used by MFGG, but due to a lack of activity and circumstances, he has taken the server down. This is also due to waning interest on his own part.


MikeL likes cats.