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Aliases: BubbleMan, Aku
Interests: Unknown
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He joined around the end of January of 2004. Was a noob at first, then he became likeable and soon his noobness went away. Always stays active in the boards, then disappears for a long time, and shows up again just to do it all over again.

When people think of great heroes, some names come to mind. Some may remember FDR and how he pulled this nation through world War II. Others might think about Superman, the fictional, though unstoppable, Man of Steel.

There is really only one real hero: AkuAkooie.

Currently under the alias of BubbleMan in order to avoid detection from various terrorist organizations, AkuAkooie is a hero like no other. AkuAkooie was not born. Rather, he was created under the mixed image of God, Satan, Duke Nukem, Chuck Norris, Jack Chan, Al Bundy, the Hamburglar, the Hamburglar after a horrible scientific experiment gone wrong, and 4 out of 5 of the Power Rangers(the pink one almost qualified).

One time, this one kid went up to Aku and asked him for directions. Aku simply stood there, wondering why this mere mortal would even gaze upon the beautifully sculpted physique of Aku without permission. This of course angered Aku. The day was September 11, 2001.

Some of Aku's skills include Asskicking, pondering, being a ninja, being a homicidal ninja, being a non-homicidal ninja, taking a dump, and underwater basket-weaving.

MFGGers see Aku as a God. Ask any one of them, for they will all surely agree. As soon as they read this, they will be like, "Aku? Oh yeah." Seriously, I've seen people on the street pass out from the greatness that emanates from Aku. Some people have even predicted that his greatness will grow to epic proportions around the year 2012.

Aku has protected MFGG many times from cyber-terrorists. Such reports are classified, however. The release of specific details would result in immediate "termination," but I once heard that when a guy tried to hack MFGG, Aku tracked down the hacker, found his address, created the world's longest tin-cup-and-string telephone, threatened the hacker through said telephone, uploaded his foot into his computer and e-mailed it to the hacker, used that foot and stuck it up the hacker's ass, returned his foot, masturbated, and then watched some TV. If that's not Heroism, then I don't know what is.