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Aliases: Cloaky
Real name: Diego Armando
Interests: Nintendo
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He is friends with Someguy, Kaepora and Freddie Mercury.

He joined MFGG long ago and is a respected member despite his modest post count.

The Death of CloakBass?

It has long since been rumored that Ahmar34 and CloakBass are not the same people albeit CloakBass has steadily and vehemently claimed this since his appearance. The original e-mail and blogging accounts of Ahmar34 have not been logged onto for 5 years, around the exact same time that an "Ahmar Abbas" of Boise, Idaho (his location as stated by his original ezBoard profile) fell victim to a car crash. Whether or not this is just a freaky coincidence remains to be seen, but considering that CloakBass has never been able to prove ownership over any of Ahmar34's original accounts he has given some members good reason to believe that he simply latched onto the history of a forgotten MFGGer.

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