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Aliases: Ishida, Supernesfreak, OrangeNova
Interests: Bleach, MKDS, spriting, drawing
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Not to be confused with Hypernova.
Not to be confused with Q-Nova.

General information

Nova originally joined the MFGG message board on October 13th, 2003 under his first account 'supernesfreak'. However, he created another account on July 17th, 2006 and now that instead. Since he still has access to his older account, he is sometimes seen posting as supernesfreak. He quite often plays Mario Kart with Medaforcer, Press Start and Fupoo always comes in 3rd overall. The first member he talked to from the forums was Press start, and has constantly talked to him since his start.

Or so he led them to believe...

On August 20th, 2012, Nova returned to MFGG as OrangeNova.

The truth

Around January of 2007, Ishida(or Nova at that time) revealed to the IRC Chat that he was actually Supernesfreak, trying to escape the increasingly bad name of being an Oldbie. Some speculate that his fake leave was in reaction to an argument with Draco earlier in the day, where it wasn't the decision was actually made several days prior. Even still, with his name being close to an older name of his(Noveroth), Some still go "Oh my god, you're supernesfreak!?" And react in shock, when they find out the truth.


  • Both Mugenmidget and Press start knew about this name change.
  • The name that Ishida went by is actually the name of a friend of his in real life.
  • A lot of subtle clues were posted on the board such as supernesfreak's spelling of the word "mine" being "myne".
  • Creator of the infamous Dodge the Shyguys.