The Great Mistake

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The Great Mistake, a name invented by Parakarry, occurred on February 18, 2008, during which the entire forum was deleted by Cutman, due to Jas granting him administrative access. It was restored within a few days to one month previous by the server administrator Retriever II.

The Great Mistake ultimately resulted in Jas' resignation as administrator and temporarily destroyed MFGGU, which Cutman had co-founded.

A Conjecture

Cutman's new world order

Jas, who allegedly wished only to temporarily disable the CCC and General Friendliness as a prank, granted administrative status to The Face (Cutman) and Landmaster (Bidbood), giving the relevant account details to their original owners.

Bidbood was either not online or did not wish to participate, so Cutman signed onto The Face and deleted all of the administrative acounts, including Jas and presumably Landmaster. He then changed the board to All About Beards, disabled the great majority of forum features, and removed every board except for the new "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEKE".

Jas promoted Delmore to administrator before her own removal, allowing him to delete Cutman. Delmore then replaced HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEKE with

Please stand by ...

Sorry Zeke, I took your cake. 


He created a new account for Yoshiman, allowing them to maintain the remaining board while waiting for Retriever II to sign on and upload a backup.

RII began a revert to a backup from approximately one month previous. While waiting for this backup to complete, Delmore imposed a rule that all posts must contain the word "meatballs". super duper mario opposed this rule greatly, refusing to say the "M word", so Delmore changed his name to "super duper meatballs".

Eventually, the restore completed, returning normal board function.