All About Beards

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All About Beards was an MFGG Forums skin created by ShadowMan on April 1st, 2006 for the 2006 April Fool's Prank. It was later reinstated by Cutman on February 18th, 2008 during The Great Mistake.

April Fools 2006

"All About Beards" skin

On April 1st, 2006, ShadowMan originally changed the MFGG Forums skin into a Religion/Scientology forum for the 2006 April Fool's Prank. However, a huge flamewar ensued. ShadowMan considered this to be a great disaster, as the Religion/Scientology skin was only up for a few hours and then disappeared. ShadowMan blamed the poor execution of the prank on his (at the time) recent case of pneumonia that he had developed the week prior that completely debilitated him. He then changed the forums into All About Beards, which garnered far more positive reception among the community.

Retriever II later edited the forums so ShadowMan only had access to the Beards sub-forums and could not see the normal sections (such as General Chat and the Pointless Post Palace). This was quickly changed back.

The Great Mistake

Cutman's new world order

On February 18th, 2008, Jas granted administrative status to The Face (controlled by Cutman) and Landmaster (Biddy), giving the relevant account details to their original owners.

Biddy was either not online or did not wish to participate, so Cutman signed onto The Face and proceed to delete all of the administrative accounts, including Jas and presumably Landmaster. He then changed the board to All About Beards, disabled the great majority of forum features, and removed every board except for the new "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEKE".