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| realname = Josh
| realname = Josh
| interests = Drawing, spriting, video games
| interests = Drawing, spriting, video games
| altgroups = {{MemberType|Global Moderator}}{{MemberType|Banned}}
| altgroups = {{MemberType|Global Moderator}}
| contactinfo = PedigreeTheHusky#3110 on Discord, active member of the Hotel Delfino server.
| contactinfo = PedigreeTheHusky#3110 on Discord, active member of the Hotel Delfino server.
| sitenumber = 77
| sitenumber = 77

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Former & Other Groups
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Aliases: SonicProject
Real name: Josh
Interests: Drawing, spriting, video games
Contact Information
PedigreeTheHusky#3110 on Discord, active member of the Hotel Delfino server.
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Pedigree (originally known as SonicProject) was a regular at MFGG. Pedigree originally joined in 2002 to advertise his Proboards forum and primarily worked on projects for SFGHQ. However after receiving a rating on ShadowMan's "Shame-O-Meter" for posting such shameless advertising, he decided to stick around and work on contributing more to the community.

Around 2004, Pedigree was secretly promoted to a moderator on a trial basis and formally announced to the community forums on September 22nd, 2004. However, this promotion was met with much controversy and the complaints on his actions as a moderator proved too stressful for him. As a result, Pedigree would step down in 2005.

Pedigree had many issues with accepting criticism, anxiety, and self-esteem. These issues often put him at odds with members over the years and had caused unnecessary drama.

On October 13th, 2006, SonicProject made a thread in the General Chat titled 50,000, Yes, this is in the GC. Now on to..., where he talked about reaching his 50,000 Post milestone, his time with MFGG and requested a permanent ban. He was permanently banned by Klobber, much to the dismay of other MFGGers. Interestingly enough, October 13th, 2006 was the 3 Year Anniversary of the Invision Power Board Forums.

On March 28th, 2007, SonicProject was unbanned and made another thread in the General Chat titled I hath return-ed., What hath God wrought? where he expressed his thanks to the MFGG community, while lamenting on normal life outside of MFGG. Many members were extremely happy about his return and welcomed him back with open arms. Later that evening, A Day That Will Live in Infamy took place.

He hadn't contributed much to fangaming with Luigi's Pipe Panic being his last submission in February 2012, with exception of a review submitted in 2013 that is. During this period, he would still read the forums but was not actively contributing until Pedigree returned in December 2016 with the release of his A Boo's Treat Christmas Special fangame. He rarely posted afterwards, however. It wasn't until the events of the petition to cease development of mario's sticker stage and The Lockening that Pedigree became an active member of the community again. He posted many suggestions in a passionate effort to invigorate the community and he started posting more frequently after finding this passion.

He began submitting to the Sprites, Libs and Tilesets category again in July 2017 and used to run the official Mario Fan Games Galaxy Facebook and Twitter page.

On November 30th, 2018, Pedigree has announced that he'll be leaving the staff, saying quote "I have decided to move on from my position on staff".