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Sonic Fan Games Head Quarters (SFGHQ) is a fangame site very similar to MFGG, only it houses Sonic fangames instead of Mario ones. The ideas were almost identical however and many people thought of the two as being "rivals". During 2002 SFGHQ and MFGG engaged in a "Forum War", with both sites being attacked and SFGHQ being hacked.

SFGHQ was created by Rlan several years before MFGG, and is possibly the oldest fangaming site of its kind still around. It houses many old Klik and Play favorites such as Sonic Boom and Sonic's Bible Adventure, as well as new games that are far more advanced. In recent years it has been said that SFGHQ has lost it's 'shine', updating far less often and with less content than MFGG does now. It's updating system is outdated and no-where near as easy to use as TCSMS which powers MFGG and Metroid: Fan Mission. Nevertheless it is still a great fangaming site, and has many great fangame projects under away on its forums. SFGHQ is currently owned by Smidge due to Rlan's departure in 2004.

Every year SFGHQ hosts SAGE, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo, where fangames are put into competition in different 'booths' to see who can win awards. It is considered a bigger version of MFGG's own MFGG Awards and helped to inspire NCFC.

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