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Developer(s) Q-Nova
Announce Date March 25, 2015
Release Date April 7, 2015
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed

Bob-Ball is a Breakout clone fangame made by Q-Nova. It's his first fangame to be submitted at MFGG, and is his entry for the Super Competition #1. It didn't win the Super Competition, as it didn't earn any votes. Most of the graphics are custom and drawn from Q-Nova, along with one music track which is composed by Q-Nova (and it's also his first music track that he has composed).


In the skies, a Bob-Ball (which is a sub-species of a Bob-Omb) found a magical bar, that can move and contains a spring inside. The Bob-Ball decided to clear up brick blocks (which have been floating at the sky for too long), with the help of the magical bar. However, someone has set a timer on the Bob-Ball without any reason, so the Bob-Ball can't be breaking the brick blocks forever.


As with most Breakout games, the player controls the paddle, which assists the Bob-Ball. The Bob-Ball can break brick blocks and bounce off the paddle. Once all the brick blocks are destroyed, a new set of brick blocks is generated. Unlike any other Breakout game, this game contains a timer. Once the timer reaches zero, the Bob-Ball explodes and the game ends. If the paddle misses the Bob-Ball, fifteen seconds of time is lost. Sometimes if the Bob-Ball breaks a brick block, a powerup is revealed which causes a temporary effect.


  • Mushroom - The paddle stretches, which makes it harder to miss the Bob-Ball.
  • 1-up Mushroom - Gives the Bob-Ball fifteen extra seconds of time.
  • Fire Flower - Engulfs the Bob-Ball in fire, which prevents the Bob-Ball from bouncing off brick blocks.
  • Ice Flower - Creates a ice bridge below the paddle, which saves Bob-Ball from falling.
  • Carrot - The Bob-Ball earns bunny ears, which makes the Bob-Ball fall slower.
  • Boomerang Flower - Two boomerangs are thrown from below, which destroys brick blocks that are in it's path.


While it didn't win the Super Competition #1 (as it didn't earn any votes), Bob-Ball received positive reviews in the main site. They praised the powerups and graphics, but they criticized the music. Despite all of these positive reviews, SMBMM gave the game a negative review, as he heavily criticized the fact that it's a Breakout clone, with the only positive thing about it being the graphics. Mors gave Bob-Ball a 4/10, as he criticized the uninteresting and boring gameplay, but praised the graphics and music.

Bob-Ball currently holds an average score of 6.3 at the main site.

Appearances in Other Games

The Bob-Ball has appeared in a couple fangames. One of it's appearances was in A Typical Day, which was rolling after the Goomba in a section that contained brick blocks. The Bob-Ball destroys the brick blocks that are in it's way. The Bob-Ball can be only destroyed if it has collided with a trollfaced Electrode. The other appearance it had made, was in Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest, which is used like a bowling ball in a minigame. When the Bob-Ball has collided with a cardboard Toad, it will go in a diagonal direction. There are red flashing variants of the Bob-Ball, which explode on contact with the cardboard Toads.


A few months after Bob-Ball was released, Q-Nova had announced a spin-off to the fangame. However, all that has been revealed so far is just a few screenshots, and the setting and gameplay is a crossover between Bob-Ball and Toads vs. Koopas.



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File Size: 5.79 MB

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