A Typical Day

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A Typical Day
Developer(s) Q-Nova
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date June 25, 2015
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard and partially a mouse
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed

A Typical Day is a fangame made by Q-Nova. It's his first joke game, and is the "winning" entry of the Joke Game Contest #1 - 2015. This joke game is based around a typical day for a Goomba, where he would head off to Bowser's Castle, and then work in there until 6:00 PM. Like in any other fangame made by Q-Nova, most of the graphics are custom made by said person.


The player is in control of a Goomba, which can run and jump, like in almost every other platformer game. The Goomba can pluck berries from bushes, and then throw them against enemies. Like in most games, the Goomba can take damage from enemies, and once the Goomba has taken damage four times, the game will be over and thus, the player will have to start over from the beginning (though, if the player has managed to reach the boss, the Goomba will respawn at the boss fight area instead).

One section of the game has a large pit, which can be only crossed by riding on an Awesome Bill (which is a hybrid of a Bullet Bill and the Awesome Face). While the Goomba is riding on the Awesome Bill, the Awesome Bill can move up and down, and fire Steam emblems at flying Pikachus.


  • Sidestepper - Just a crab that moves in one direction, and then goes on reverse once it touches a wall.
  • Pikachu - It's a flying Pokémon! These Pikachus have been found within groups, and can be only defeated by Steam's emblem.
  • Crime Watch Eye - A big blue square with an eye that cannot be defeated by anything expect for it's collision with the Awesome Bill. However, not only the Crime Watch Eye will explode once it touches the Awesome Bill, but the Awesome Bill will explode too.
  • Drill Man - A Robot Master that will hide in the underground, and then jump up through the ground after a few seconds! Once it falls into the ground, it will hide under and repeat it's actions.
  • Giant Bob-Ball - A larger version of the Bob-Ball, which will roll to the right, breaking brick blocks that are on it's way. It can be only destroyed when it collides with a trollfaced Electrode.
  • 3-Down Moon - Qwerty Triple6's ref, which will stay underground until the Goomba walks over them. Touching them will instakill the Goomba.
  • Bubble Bass - A giant green creature that just sits in one spot, but it has some minions for it's defense, which are:
  • Metroid - A Metroid that flies over the Goomba, and will fire a lot of Event Winner badges after a few seconds.
  • Goombot - A robot-version of a Goomba, which is from one of WreckingGoomba's old fangames. They are trapped inside bubbles, but once they are free, they'll fall and create a couple musical notes once they have landed on the ground.
  • Rex Picture - A picture of Rex that is fired from Bubble Bass' box. They are used to pop the bubbles that contain the Goombots inside them.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - A blue hedgehog that will destroy any of the Goombots in the ground, and then try to home on the Goomba.


A Typical Day received but a few reviews at the main site. fizzypop56 praised the graphics and the jokes, but criticized the replay value, though, he gave it a 8/10. However, Blutorus gave it a 6/10, which, while he praised the graphics and sounds, he criticized the humor and the replay value. RandomClam gave the game a score of 7/10. He praised the fast paced gameplay and the boss battle, but he criticized the humor.

A Typical Day currently holds an average score of 7.2 at the main site.



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