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RandomClam first registered for MFGG's mainsite and forums in June 2011. He has become one of MFGG's more prolific review authors in recent times, churning out numerous concise but high-quality reviews. He has also submitted entries for two Minigame Competitions - Underwater Exploration and Cloudy Climb.


RandomClam has released two Fangames to the public.

Underwater Exploration was RandomClam's entry into Minigame Competition 7, which had an "Underwater" theme. Underwater Exploration was a MetroidVania style game with Paper Mario graphics and RandomClam's first ever fangame release to the public. Underwater Exploration was praised for its comedic elements but received an overall poor reception due to glitches, difficulty, and use of real world backgrounds.

Cloudy Climb was RandomClam's entry into Minigame Competition 8, and was much better received than Underwater Exploration. The game was a lot simpler programming wise and had the simple premise of jumping on clouds as long as possible. The game also supported multiplayer gameplay. RandomClam received a Minigame Competition Top 5 Badge for the game and is very proud of the game despite its unprofessional quality.


RandomClam's main contribution to MFGG is his reviews. He has earned a Super Reviewer Badge and has currently submitted 41 reviews. RandomClam wishes to submit at least 50 reviews before the end of the year and his personal goal is to write a review for every game on MFGG.


  • As of 2011, RandomClam is a freshman in college and is a Music Education major.
  • He enjoys playing music and drawing in his spare time.
  • RandomClam also has a huge affection for cats.

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