Battle in the Future

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Battle in the Future
BitFuture Screen.png
Developer(s) Q-Nova
Announce Date September 17, 2015
Release Date October 13, 2017
Genre Action, Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed

Battle in the Future is a fangame by Q-Nova. It takes place after the events of The Flooded Tower, is his sixth one to be submitted to MFGG, and his 100th submission to the main site. The game went through development for about a year, with a demo of it released on the forums in September 17, 2016, a year after The Flooded Tower was released at the forums. The demo was Q-Nova's entry for the Minigame Competition #2 - 2016, and it managed to place at the top five. It was finally finished in September 2017 and then released in October 13 of the same year.

Like in previous fangames Q-Nova had released, Battle in the Future uses custom graphics. However though, the graphics use way less colors than Q-Nova's previous fangames. It is so low that it looks 8-bit. The sound effects and music are taken from NES games in order to accommodate the graphics.


A Goomba named Goomrisk was exploring a huge lava cave on March 10 (Mario Day), where he found an unusual clock tower. He entered the tower, as lava floods the cave, ascended it, and discovered a Time Switch. Goomrisk jumped at the Time Switch, and he realized that he was taken to March 15 of the same year, near Toad Town, when a Koopa with a mechanized suit unexpectedly entered the tower by creating a hole in it, who told Goomrisk about the clock tower, when and where they're at, and how are things doing right now. Goomrisk learned that the Time Switch will take whoever pressed it to a time and place that depends on the thoughts of that person and cannot be reused until a couple hours had passed. He also learned that the world was taken over by Antasma, who set off a bomb yesterday that engulfed the world with fog that causes people to sleep with eternal nightmares, powering up Antasma in the process. Antasma had taken so much power that he is now going wild and terrorizing the world.

Goomrisk asked the Koopa to have a fight in order to demonstrate the weapons in the Koopa's suit. The Koopa accepted the request, and Goomrisk won. Soon, Antasma created an even larger hole in the clock tower and tried to get rid of Goomrisk.

Spoilers! Plot/ending information may follow (highlight to read):
After Goomrisk won the battle against Antasma, the oversized being exploded, lost all of his power, and the fog vanished. Antasma, who is now a weak bat, fell into the clock tower, as Goomrisk stomps at him. The Koopa got up, and they both looked out the clock tower, seeing ruins as the sun rose, while the Time Switch was now usable again! The Koopa handed out his helmet to Goomrisk, picked up Antasma, and then flew out. Goomrisk hits the Time Switch, and he was taken back to his original timeline.

If Goomrisk managed to defeat Antasma without taking any damage, then it'll be revealed that Goomrisk has trapped Antasma in a cage in his original timeline.


Battle in the Future has the player control Goomrisk, which can be able to run and jump, as with most platformers. Like A Typical Day, Goomrisk can carry an object, and then throw it. He can only do this if he is close to the object and it is currently safe, however. Goomrisk starts each fight with an amount of health points that can be set to somewhere from one to six, with four being the default. Each health point will be lost once Goomrisk touches something harmful. Losing all health points will take the player back to the menu.

The goal in this game is to defeat the bosses, who unleash attacks that must be avoided by Goomrisk. The bosses will at some point try to hit Goomrisk with an object that must be thrown back at them once it has landed on the floor. Once the boss' health gets low, their attacks will become more difficult to avoid.


The Koopa

The Koopa has four health points, and is designed to be fought against those that have yet to get used to the physics and controls of the game. He'll fire two lasers (three after that), and then launch a fist that must be thrown back. Once he's hit, he'll fly in a zigzag pattern, fly up, and then ground pound when he's above Goomrisk. He'll then repeat the cycle.

Once the Koopa is down to his last health point, he'll adjust his zigzag pattern when flying, create two shockwaves when ground pounding, and fire much more lasers while moving up and down.


Antasma is the final boss of the game and has eight health points. He'll randomly select an attack (or if he's at a certain amount of health, use a particular attack) used against Goomrisk with one of his two hands, and then toss a Star Point that has to tossed back into one of the two hands. The hand that got hit will be used to repeat the cycle. If Antasma is low on health, then the hands will explode as they get hit by another Star Point.

The following is a list of attacks he might use:

  • A hand will go up to a position, and then throw three (five if low on health) Antasos towards Goomrisk. This attack will always be the first one used by Antasma.
  • A hand throws a corrupted Bob-Ball (two if low on health) that looks like Antasma. The Bob-Ball(s) bounces around and then explode.
  • A Flasma gets dropped by a hand, which fires two (three if low on health) fireballs that chase Goomrisk for about three and a half seconds.
  • A hand will go all the way up to off-screen for a bit, and then pound at the floor, making Note Blocks, Thwomps, and red platforms fall from above. Antasma will only use this attack if he has five or one health point left.



Aside from placing in the top five on the Minigame Competition #2 - 2016, the Battle in the Future demo hasn't really received much feedback. Syaxamaphone had thought that the Koopa fight was interesting and she stated that she liked the non-placeholder graphics.



Download Battle in the Future from MFGG's main site

File Size: 11.84 MB


  • Out of all of the characters and creatures that appeared in The Flooded Tower, Spinies are the only ones that don't appear in Battle in the Future, being completely absent.

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