Beat: the Game

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Beat: the Game
Developer(s) Q-Nova
Announce Date February 15, 2016
Release Date February 22, 2016
Genre Action
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed

Beat: the Game (sic) is a fangame that is made by Q-Nova. It is his first non-Mario game to be released to MFGG, and is his entry for the Super Competition #1 - 2016. It placed third in the Super Competition. The graphics and engine were entirely made by Q-Nova, while the music was composed by Cadet.


" Oh no! The teleporting system that Eddie uses is broken, and he is holding an item that Mega Man might really need, as ahead of him is a Robot Master. Mega Man hasn't fought the Robot Master yet, so as he has low health, he might to risk himself, possibly getting a "Game Over". Though, while Eddie's teleporting system won't work, it is still possible for him to reach Mega Man, and give him a miracle.

This can be done by simply heading to the factory that Mega Man is inside of. Though, Eddie might need some kind of robot to assist him in his journey to Mega Man, since there might be dangers in the factory, and Eddie has nothing in him that could defend himself. The only robot that volunteered to make sure Eddie will get to Mega Man is Beat. Beat and Eddie began to head off to the factory, with Beat all prepared to defend Eddie.


— The game's README text file.

When Beat and Eddie managed to reach Mega Man, they found him panting from all of the damage that he had taken from the dangers in the factory. Eddie opens up his lid, and shoots out an E-Tank to Mega Man. Mega Man drinks the E-Tank, and is now at full health. He thanks Beat and Eddie for this.


The player is on control of Beat, who is under the task of making sure Eddie gets to Mega Man without taking serious damage from the enemies that are in the factory. As long as Beat is very close to Eddie, he can carry Eddie for a short amount of time. As long as Beat isn't carrying Eddie, he can destroy any kind of enemy on contact. Eddie can take damage from enemies on contact, and if he takes enough damage, then the player will have to start over from the beginning.

If Beat and Eddie managed to get to Mega Man, a score will be shown to the player. The score is based off on how fast Beat managed to take out the enemies, and how many enemies Beat managed to take out in a row without having Eddie (or Beat, if he is carrying Eddie) get hit.


  • Peterchy - Enemies that will just go in one direction, not caring about whenever they got Eddie or not.
  • Telly - Can-shaped enemies that will always try to tackle on Eddie.
  • Blader - Flying enemies that will fly right into Eddie, when they close to him. They can explode on contact with the walls.
  • Wall Blaster - Cannons that just sticks on a certain wall, trying to shoot down Eddie.
  • Killer Bullet - Bullets that are flying to the left, hoping to hit Eddie. They will explode on contact with either Beat or Eddie.


Beat: the Game was nominated for Best Minigame and Best Sprites during the MFGG Awards 2016. It didn't win any of the two categories, however.

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