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Qwerty Triple6

Qwerty Triple6's 3-Down Moon ref, as sprited by Mors
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Aliases: qwertyuiop666
Interests: Yugioh
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Qwerty Triple6 (formerly known as qwertyuiop666 on the main site) is a fairly active MFGGer. In the middle of 2014, he made MFGG Yu-gi-oh cards. However, he stopped making them as of late 2014. Qwerty Triple6 has done some spriting (especially since 2015), with most of his works being tilesets. He had managed to access the Deep Hallowsphere on the The Hallowsphere event of 2015. Qwerty Triple6 had entered a couple Sprite Competitions (although he got disqualified in both of those competitions) and a Drawing Competition.


3-Down Moon

One of Qwerty Triple6's refs is called a 3-Down Moon, which is the opposite of a 3-Up Moon. Its design is very similar to that of a 3-Up Moon, however it is red and has a rather negative face compared to the 3-Up Moon's smile. As a power-up, it will negate three lives, as opposed to granting three as the 3-Up Moon does.

Duplicates of the 3-Down Moon have made an appearance in A Typical Day, which can be found in the hallway before the boss. They'll stay underground until the Goomba passes them. The 3-Down Moon also made an appearance on Abducted Toad, found on the Fangames Galaxy Area. Touching it will seemingly cause Toad to lose three lives, but after a few seconds, it will say that it was just kidding, and give Toad back the three lives it stole.

Unnamed Shlyo

Qwerty Triple6's Shlyo ref.

Another one of Qwerty Triple6's refs is an unnamed Shlyo (a species that was originally created by Q-Nova). Its design contains dark purple and blue clothing, and a golden badge that resembles a sun. Like Qwerty Triple6 himself, the Shlyo lacks a left arm. Besides the design, not very much about it is known.

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