Nightmare's Revenge

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Nightmare's Revenge
Developer(s) Q-Nova
Announce Date May 7, 2015
Release Date May 27, 2015
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed

Nightmare's Revenge is a fangame made by Q-Nova, and is his entry for the Super Competition #2. It got second place, only losing to blak's Etrix Reborn. Nearly a hundred percent of the graphics are made by Q-Nova, and the music tracks are composed by edeN. There are difficulties contained within the game, which have their own high-scores and set of levels.


Antasma has been somehow resurrected, and he is taking his revenge by overrunning a spaceship (which houses Lumas) along with his minions! Every once in a while, a Luma falls asleep, and will have nightmares. These sleeping Lumas won't wake up until they are in contact with a Luma. Nobody knows why is Antasma putting these Lumas to sleep, but it is believed to be because of a species that have been allies with the Lumas for a long time. A green Luma decided to wake up those poor Lumas, and maybe collect some coins along the way (as coins can decrease the amount of nightmares).


The player controls a green Luma, which can move around by using the arrow keys. The green Luma must wake up the sleeping Lumas by touching them, and then get back to the pipe (which can be found at the start of a level) once all of the Lumas are woken up. There is a five-minute time limit, and the green Luma will fall asleep once the time limit reaches zero. There are obstacles, most of which will destroy ten seconds of time if they had collided with the green Luma. Some levels have purple blocks, which can be only broken if the player collects all of the purple coins in the level.


  • Spike - Obstacles that don't do anything, but harm the green Luma on contact.
  • Antaso - Antasma-fied spiked balls that will go in one direction, and then go on reverse once they have touched a wall.
  • Flasama - Machines that will sit in one spot, but they will shoot fireballs shortly after they saw the green Luma.
  • Boost Pad - Pads that can push the green Luma into the direction it is pointing, sometimes they are helpful, and sometimes they aren't.


Nightmare's Revenge didn't win the Super Competition #2, but it received a couple positive reviews in the main site. Blutorus praised the graphics, randomization, and multiple difficulties, but he criticized the floaty physics, and thus gave it a 7/10. Though, Willsaber gave Nightmare's Revenge a 6/10. While he praised the music, controls, and once again, the graphics, he criticized the repetitive level design, and the fact that the plot has little effect on the actual game. On the MFGG Awards of 2015, Nightmare's Revenge was nominated for Most Original Gameplay and Best Setting.

Nightmare's Revenge currently holds an average score of 6.5 at the main site.



Download Nightmare's Revenge from MFGG's main site

File Size: 4.17 MB

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