Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest

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Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest
Developer(s) Blutorus
Announce Date May 16, 2015
Release Date TBA
Genre Puzzle
Players 1
Input Mouse
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Hiatus
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 Yellow!box.gif This article is about a fangame that has entered a state of hiatus.

Development of this game has paused for an extended period of time.

Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest is a fangame currently developed by Blutorus. It is a spin-off of Toads vs. Koopas, and is basically the "I, Zombie" game mode from Plants vs. Zombies, with a Mario theme. Most of the graphics are made by Blutorus. A demo was released for the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2015, which contains a couple levels and a bowling minigame that features Bob-Balls.


The main goal in this game is to eliminate all of the Toads and mushrooms in a field. The player can place Koopas in a spot that isn't in the left of a red line, which walk to the left, stopping only to attack a Toad or a mushroom that is in their way. Placing Koopas cost coins, how many will depend on the Koopa. The player can earn coins by clicking on them, which are generated by attacking a golden mushroom. If the player doesn't have enough coins to place a Koopa and there isn't any Koopas in the field, then they'll have to restart the level.

A bowling minigame is contained within the game. It features Bob-Balls, which can be placed on a spot that is in the right of the red line. The Bob-Balls roll to the left once they are placed. Cardboard cut-outs of Toads move from the left to the right, which must be taken down by the Bob-Balls. The minigame will restart if a cardboard cut-out reaches the right side of the screen.


  • Koopa - The most basic of all Koopas. They just walk to the left, and attack any Toads or mushrooms in their way.
  • Helmeted Koopa - They are like the regular Koopas, except that they wear a helmet, which doubles their health.
  • Bob-Ball - A sub-species of Bob-Ombs. They can be rolled to the left and knock down any cardboard cut-outs they hit. They'll go in diagonal direction after hitting one.
  • Flashing Bob-Ball - These Bob-Balls flash red. When they come to contact with a cardboard cut-out, they'll explode.

Toads & Mushrooms

  • Cannon Toad - These stand still, holding a cannon that shoots out cannon balls at Koopas ahead.
  • Gold Mushroom - Releases coins when they are attacked.
  • Cardboard Toad - Cardboard cut-outs of Toads, which are used by Shy Guys. They slowly move to the right.


The demo has so far received a positive reception, currently holding an average score of 7.8/10 on the main site. They praised the graphics, but criticized the very short length (even though it's just a demo). On the MFGG Awards 2015, Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest was nominated for Best Demo, Best Minigame, Most Overlooked, Most Original Gameplay, and Best Concept. It didn't win any of the categories, however.



Download Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest from MFGG's main site

File Size: 5.69 MB

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