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Badges are small graphics awarded to users that compete in competitions or help out the site in some way. However, they originally had a much different purpose.


Back during the EZBoard (or vBulletin) era, badges were conceived. They were originally just jokes created by Kritter, for a bit of humour on the boards, and nobody actually took them to heart; they were the Whiner, Complainer, Mr. Serious, Flamer, Stupidity and Annoyance badges. Once this caught on, other users decided to make their own badges for various things, for example being a Soveryhappy fan, or Draco's Ass of MFGG badge, to the point where users had whole armadas of badges to give out, people had dozens in their sigs at a time, and most of which weren't really useful at all.

After a while, users started creating more useful badges, such as winners of the Sprite Competitions. Some time later, when MFGG transferred to an Invision board, Klobber and Retriever II decided to make badges that promote these positive things, and have them be in the user's profiles. Badges were created using graphics from Paper Mario and awarded for many things.

Badge List

  • Happyheart.png Happy Heart (suspension-free and active poster for 2 months)
  • Shappyheart.png Super Happy Heart (suspension-free and active poster for 1 year)
  • Uhappyheart.png Ultra Happy Heart (suspension-free and active poster for ~5 years)
  • Bighelp.png Big Help (assisting the website or forums in a large way)
  • Superreviewer.png Super Reviewer (gives many well-written reviews on the main site)
  • Supersubmitter.png Super Submitter (same as Super Reviewer, but for site submissions)
  • Admin.png Admin Badge (used to label Admins)
  • File:Mod.png Moderator Badge (used to label Moderators)
  • Host.png Host/Server Admin Badge (used to label site hosts and Server Admins, currently only Retriever II)
  • Sitestaff.png Site Staff Badge (used to label site staff)
  • Badgemod.png Badgemeister Badge (used to label a Badge Mod)
  • Clam.png Operation Clam Participant (used to label the dev team of Operation CLAM (MFGG 2.0))
  • Awards04.png Awards05.png Awards06.png Awards07.png Awards08.png MFGG Awards Winner (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008)
  • Skull.png Skull Badge (obsolete) (previously used to label banned users but was eventually replaced with the Reporter Badge. The reason for its appearance in the new boards' files is unknown.)
  • Reporter.png Reporter Badge (no name) (used to label those that properly use the Report Post function) Originally only held by Klobber, then by Retriever II, and now a newbie named Kleer has it.
  • Kfc.png KFC Badge (joke badge, almost unattainable.) (A few people in the CCC asked for the badge. Which they ended up receiving the Badge. However, they only got to keep the badge for a few minutes. The infamous bot Atlas33 has also had this as a joke.)
  • Mistake.png Mistake badge (joke badge) DJ Yoshiman got this for closing the CCC. The reason for its appearance among the new boards' files is unknown, but it's speculated that the staff is ready to punish people among their peers who make mistakes...
  • Santa.png Secret Santa Badge (Handed out to people who participate in MFGGcret Santa.)
  • Event.png Forum Event Badge (Awarded to the winners of a CCC forum event)

Competition Badges

  • Scg.png Scr.png Sct.png Sprite Competition Badges -- First Place, Runner-Up (Second Place), and Top Five. Awarded after completion of sprite competitions.
  • Dcg.png Dcr.png Dct.png Drawing Competition Badges -- First Place, Runner-Up (Second Place), and Top Five. Awarded after completion of drawing competitions.
  • Mcg.png Mcr.png Mct.png Minigame Competition Badges -- First Place, Runner-Up (Second Place), and Top Five. Awarded after completion of Mini-game competitions.
  • Ucg.png Ucr.png Uct.png Music Competition Badges -- First Place, Runner-Up (Second Place), and Top Five. Awarded after completion of Music Competitions.

In the latest board, a system was implemented where the numbering of the competition badges was generated by independent graphics laid over the badge's graphic, to indicate how many badges the user has won (example: "x4"). The result looks like this example: File:Scrx4.jpg

Unused Badges

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