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Aliases: GeneralGuy
Interests: I LOOOOOVE diet pills! Would you like some? I can also provide you with support and motivation!
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Atlas33 was a spam bot that registered on the forums on August 26th, 2006, advertising diet pills.

The identity of Atlas33 was later assumed by Jeff Silvers during 2007's April Fool's, during which each administrator took the name and posting style of a past spammer or spambot, and was the name Char assigned to a duplicate account made by GeneralGuy on March 19th, 2010. After pretending to give him Forum Moderator powers, Char loaded his account with badges that were impossible to obtain at the time, and then banning him.

Atlas33 lived in "Diet Pills Land" and generally was given every badge the forum software would allow before being banned. For the first account, this was the technical maximum of 36 badges; every incarnation has owned every badge thereafter.

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