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Aliases: King Razz (Also known as "The Drowning Darkness at the Nifflas Support Forums.)
Interests: Programming, spriting, eating, chatting on random forums, doing absolutely nothing for a week straight, failing in school, playing games, and reading books
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Razz joined the MFGG forums on August 13th, 2007. He has created fangames such as Mario Memories and is attempting his own version of Ocarina of Time 2D, which is currently on hiatus. He joined the main site a month before he joined the forums, under the username "King Razz". His first post in the forums was in a topic entitled, "Wii Games you'd wish Nintendo Made"[1], followed shortly by his first topic[2]. Razz tends to be rather outspoken at times, causing him many bans. He wasn't always like this however. When he first joined he was actually quite shy. This all changed when he asked MFGG to help clean up another forum, which led to the members who tried to help getting flamed and spammed on the other site. When they retaliated, a popular member of the site complained publicly in the General Chat, and Black Squirrel banned the offenders. Note that this is not actually raiding, but a case of misunderstandings and intolerance. Razz is also known for being mad just about all the time, and he used to get banned for it, now, he seems to have settled down a little bit and isn't so mad all the time.

Friendships and relations with other members

Razz has made friends with many members since he joined, most of the relationships being extremely short. His first true friend ever was boo_mario[3], who helped him with one of his earlier, discontinued, gaming projects, Bowser's Adventure. This friendship was rather short, and was halted by the abrupt end of summer. at the start of the new school year, boo_mario stopped visiting mfgg. Razz still wishes, every once in a while, that boo_mario will contact contact him like he used to.

Razz is currently very good friends with Noone, a rather popular member for his excellent fangaming projects, such as Old Super Mario Bros., and Zelda Online. Noone and Razz still contact each other every once in a while via mfgg's pm system and Hamachi. They often joke around and talk about things that don't really matter, but every once in a while Noone has Razz beta test Zelda Online for him.

Razz is also great friends with ZeldaMalon, a member who often jokes around and spams a lot just for fun. Razz and ZeldaMalon tend to get in a lot of trouble together, but Razz still enjoys chatting with him every once in a while.

Razz is also friends with Mewizkuit, and Ryoga. Both members are rather outspoken, and tend to cause a lot of arguments on the forums. Razz enjoys chatting with Mewizkuit through pm's, and helping him out with personal issues. Ryoga and Razz simply get along, they both consider themselves friends even though they hardly ever talk to each other. Zeldamalon and Mewizkuit tend to argue and disagree a lot, which puts Razz in a difficult position a lot of the time. Lately though, Razz hasn't talked to Ryoga as much as he used to, and Mewizkuit doesn't talk to him at all any more.

OniLink10 (Better known as OniLink) is one of Razz's newer friends, and Razz has taken a liking to him. OniLink PM's Razz a lot, and also manages to get on his nerves (JUST KIDDING), but most of the time he is a good guy. When Razz and OniLink chat over IM's, the discussion usually bounces all over the place, as OniLink has a habit of giving Razz a lot of links to youtube videos, and then proceeds to post random quotes from them. OniLink is also a big fan of sexy eyes, a character in Razz's fangame, Mario Memories.


Razz tends to be extremely outspoken at times, but one of his most extreme (and sometimes offensive) views revolves around the CCC. Razz has made several topics complaining about the CCC, all of which including a request to remove the forum, and even blaming the people who post inside the CCC for a quite a bit of MFGG's problems. Most of this hate revolving around the CCC appeared when Razz was banned, thus having his casual member status removed. As a matter of fact, now that Razz has CCC access he has is known to post in it frequently. It can be assumed that he was only angry because he wasn't allowed in it.