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2D Projection of a 4D Hypercube rotating on the 4th Axis.
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Interests: C++, being bored, trying to ace school
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OniLink10 is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on December 13th, 2007 and the MFGG Forums on February 19th, 2008.


OniLink10 actually joined the MFGG Forums sometime between January 7th, 2008 and February 18th, 2008, but due to the forum rollback caused by the events of The Great Mistake, his account was deleted. He created a new account on February 19th, 2008. His first post and thread was about his fangame Super Mario Bros 4: The Subspace Wars, which is now being rewritten under the name Mushroom Kingdom Emissary. The post is located here.

What OniLink10 has Made

OniLink10 has made several things in C++, which he is good at, but could be much better, and Game Maker, which he believes to be harder than C++.

C++ Programs

  • Many Random Calculators
  • SFML Mushroom Kingdom Emissary (In Development, Programming by Himself, Unreleased)

Game Maker Games

  • Pacman and the Cursed Crystals (First Game, Scrapped, Unreleased)
  • Super Mario Bros 4: The Subspace Wars (Scrapped, Released as Beta V0.25)
  • Mushroom Kingdom Emissary (In Development, Dev Team of 10)


  • OniLink10 is autistic.
  • He suffers from random bouts of depression, but tries to keep them off of the forums.
  • He dreams of working for Microsoft.
  • Believes that C++ is easier than Game Maker.
  • Is trying to rewrite Mushroom Kingdom Emissary using C++ and SFML so it will work on every OS that supports SFML, without any coding changes.
  • He is very good friends with Razz, and tries to keep him calm so he doesn't get permabanned.